Setting the Scene

Photo by Jenny Bailey

Photo by Jenny Bailey


by: gillian wenhold, founder & ideas curator

Four years ago, my Humanities final project at Hill was to create an epic movie. At the time, I was FAR into the debate rabbit hole, fascinated by thought experiments and the pre/post-fiat world. So naturally, I wanted to frame our movie with the following question: 

What if we could tell a story set in the status quo, void of supernatural influences or excessive hubris, but so powerful that it could enact change in the real world?


Fast-forward four years and the time is rapidly approaching for me to venture beyond my newest safety net here at Rhodes. It’s finally time to test the theories, and operationalize the lessons learned through a lifetime privileged with experience. In thinking about my next move, wondering what I could do to be a positive influence in my community, I kept returning to that one moment  back in high school, and the question that stuck with me all the way through the end of my collegiate chapter:

What if an ordinary story has the power to be extraordinary?

Today I’m writing to you because I am ready to walk confidently into the future with a story worth telling. I’m ready to do something that matters, but I can’t do it alone.

You see - there’s no force more powerful than people working together towards a common goal, and the Social Exchange was founded upon the belief that if we work together, our own community has the power to leverage our collective social capital to influence the world for the better.

Today we’re putting that theory to the test. The SocialX team will tell the stories of socially responsible businesses and nonprofit heroes working to cultivate a sense of community within their own spaces.

The Exchange is more than just a PR firm. We are a community of people who believe in the idea that doing good can be a lifestyle, not just a moment. But there's still one key component missing that we need to fuel this people-powered movement: YOU. If you believe we're doing a cool thing, let us know by spreading the word! Follow The Social Exchange on Instagram @powersocialx, and subscribe to the newsletter on the Home page.

Stay tuned for some big things coming.