Hospitality Hub


by: jeffrey peterson, summer creator

“The ultimate goal of The Hospitality Hub is to connect people with the resources they need to begin their journey out of homelessness,” said Director of Operations Kelcey Johnson, before highlighting the array of resources they offer for people who have experiences of homelessness. 

The Hospitality Hub offers a variety of resources for the homeless population in Memphis to help increase their access to social services. Some of the services offered include helping people obtain their birth certificate and state identification, homeless letters of verification, in addition to letters to obtain medical care from the Mobile Health Clinic. 

“Seeing the success stories and the rewarding smiles on the clients faces that I assisted with getting back on their feet is an awesome feeling,” said Johnson, who continued to stress the importance of providing some of the most vulnerable people in Memphis with help. 

The organization provides coffee to anyone on the streets, a public phone bank, public restrooms, and access to computers for locating jobs or looking up important information. In addition, the HUB provides lockers for storage and long-distance travel stipends to clients for up to $100 for a family. 

HUB also partners with Memphis Area Legal Services to assist veterans, a Work Local program which allows clients that are homeless to work for give hours a day for $10/hour, in addition to providing lunch after their shift. 

“The things that they do here are of great assistance to not just the people they serve, but also the city,” said volunteer Ashley Walker, citing the several projects HUB and its clients have been involved in around Memphis. 

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30am – 1:00pm, new and existing clients come to the HUB for intake, when they direct people to the resources that they may need. Most of their work is centered around referring them to organizations throughout Memphis who specialize in certain areas dealing with homelessness, according to Walker. 

In addition to these referrals, they also provide bus passes to clients if they have proper documentation for need, such as an appointment. All the services The Hospitality HUB offers are provided for three months per client to help them get back on their feet. 

“I enjoy first listening to someone no one else would, and then helping them to obtain or become what they have been thinking or even dreaming of,” Johnson said. 

Hospitality HUB’s doors are open to the public Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 3:00pm, and you may get involved by clicking here.