The Social Exchange

 A public relations firm with a mission.

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The Social Exchange is a pay-as-you-can PR and content creation firm for nonprofits and responsible, women/minority owned businesses. Our mission is to help amplify the voices of causes that matter in our community through innovative storytelling and grassroots marketing.



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We believe in creating an organization with a personality, and try our best to cultivate a community of people who believe in the idea that doing good can be a lifestyle, not just a single moment. For this reason, our team members are called curators. Everyone here was chosen not just for their technical skills in their respective field, but also because of how they manage, or curate, their lives outside of work. To learn more about a curator, click on their photo!

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Understanding our place in society is critically important to this work. Members of the Social Exchange community are encouraged to reach across difference, and engage with people outside our immediate circles. Our purpose is to amplify the voices of causes that matter, and prioritize the voices of people disadvantaged by societal structures including but not limited to: race, religion, age, ability status, sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.